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A boy loses what was his childhood dream...

After running away to the family boat following an argument with his parents, his best friend, and his girlfriend, a teenage boy suffers a tragic loss which leads to a lifetime of guilt and penance in search of his own forgiveness.


Now a tormented, reclusive skipper of a rundown passenger ferry he pilots through the salt marsh backwaters of the southern Jersey shore, Eric Turner endures what is left of his childhood dream—alone.

Yet a graceful woman, a local cafe owner having also suffered a terrible loss, offers the man the gift of another chance at life and love—if only he will accept it.  Struggling to overcome emotional barriers from his guilt and his fateful relationship with his teenage sweetheart, the man agonizes over his desire to return the woman’s affections.  In the midst of his turmoil, he discovers a secretive stowaway boy who holds the key to the man’s self-imposed prison and the love that would set him free...

This is... The Lost Dream.